[Xapian-discuss] Bug: scriptindex - xapian-omega 0.9.99_svn8484

Richard Boulton richard at lemurconsulting.com
Sat May 12 00:50:13 BST 2007

Kevin Duraj wrote:
> This is my result when I sort by value and relevance.
> Xapian treating the result as string and sorting it accordingly ....
> Value:9.48910782703839
> Value:9.48903215258983
> Value:9.48888078651068
> Value:9.48880509487835
> Value:44.7864142310669
> Value:42.1408884722407
> Value:41.0120506955037

Sorry - we really need much more information than this.  For a start, I 
can't even tell if this the output you wanted, or the output you think 
is incorrect.  You haven't told us what the data you're searching is, 
what you used to index the data, what search you were running, or what 
the output represents.

To be able to diagnose, and eventually fix, a bug, we generally need to 
be able to have a way to _reproduce_ it.  Typically, this might involve 
you giving us a minimal dataset and a set of commands (or a program) 
which you run on the dataset, a copy of the output you get from the 
commands, together with an explanation of the ways in which the output 
isn't what you'd have expected (this might just be a listing of the 
output you'd have expected, but might also include some explanatory 

I'm afraid with the information you've given so far, we have no hope of 
being able to help you.

There are various essays on the web which might help you to compose a 
bug report that we can make use of in tracking down and fixing bugs: I'd 
recommend Simon Tatham's "How to Report Bugs Effectively":


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