[Xapian-discuss] Xapian 1.0.0 released!

Arjen van der Meijden acmmailing at tweakers.net
Fri May 18 08:53:21 BST 2007


But I'm not sure if I understand the necessary changes needed for the 
change to UTF-8. As you know we generate a set of datafiles (if any 
encoding applies its probably ISO-8859-15) for scriptindex and 
afterwards omega to search through the data.
Is there any way to let scriptindex know we're feeding it ISO-8859-15 
rather than UTF-8? The UTF-8 support in normal php installations isn't 
very good. And is it also possible to let Omega know we are feeding it 
ISO-8859-15 and want that returned as well?

Or are we required to supply those commands with UTF-8 data?

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On 18-5-2007 2:59 Olly Betts wrote:
> I'm overjoyed to be able to announce the release of Xapian 1.0.0.
> This release features Unicode support, updated stemming algorithms
> (with new languages: Hungarian, Romanian, and Turkish), a new and
> improved indexing strategy, improvements to the remote backend (which
> now supports all backend features and works on MS Windows), new
> QueryParser features (ranges, pure NOT queries, support for incremental
> searches), and major enhancements to the Python bindings.
> Flint supports using zlib to compress tags in the record and termlist
> trees, and is now the default backend. The documentation has also been
> improved.
> For a broader overview see:
> http://wiki.xapian.org/ReleaseOverview/1.0.0
> The full list of user-visible changes, can be seen via the "[news]"
> links on the download page:
> http://www.xapian.org/download.php
> If you're using Xapian 0.9.x, you may need to plan your migration to
> 1.0.x.  The classes which care about encoding (Xapian::Stem,
> Xapian::QueryParser and the new Xapian::TermGenerator) now expect UTF-8,
> and Omega and its indexers now store everything in UTF-8 internally.
> Also, a few features have been marked as deprecated, and features marked
> as deprecated since 0.9.0 or earlier have been removed.
> As always, if you encounter problems, please report them here, or to
> the bugtracker.
> And a big thankyou to everyone who's help make this release a reality!
> Cheers,
>     Olly
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