[Xapian-discuss] Debian etch packages of php5-xapians have old style flat function interface

Francis Irving francis at flourish.org
Wed May 23 00:28:40 BST 2007

I'm running Debian stable (etch) on a server, and have the following Xapian
packages installed.

root at seagrass:/etc/php5/apache# dpkg -l | grep xap
ii  libxapian-dev                    0.9.9-1                         Development files for Xapian search engine l
ii  libxapian13                      0.9.9-1                         Search engine library
ii  php4-xapian                      0.9.9-1.1                       Xapian search engine interface for PHP4
ii  php5-xapian                      0.9.9-1.1                       Xapian search engine interface for PHP5
ii  python-xapian                    0.9.9-1.1                       Xapian search engine interface for Python
ii  xapian-doc                       0.9.9-1                         Core Xapian documentation
ii  xapian-examples                  0.9.9-1                         Xapian simple example programs
ii  xapian-tools                     0.9.9-1                         Basic tools for Xapian search engine library

If I use PHP4, things are fine. When I use PHP5, I get "Class 'XapianDatabase' not found" errors.
Upon closer inspection using phpinfo(), get_declared_classes() and get_defined_functions() I find that:

1) phpinfo says the Xapian module is loaded, version 0.9.9
2) The old style flat functions like new_database are there
3) The new style classes (XapianDatabase etc.) are not there
4) There are no functions or classes containing the text "xap"

Running strings on the .so files for the PHP bindings
confirms that the text XapianDatabase is only present in the PHP4 xapian.so.
And using lsof confirms that Apache has loaded that php5 xapian.so file.

So I'm stumped. Surely the PHP5 bindings should be in the new style OO
interface to Xapian?

I've hunted for other Debian packages of php5-xapian, but can't find any to


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