[Xapian-discuss] NFSv4 and locking

Henry henka at cityweb.co.za
Tue Dec 2 14:20:52 GMT 2008


We use NFSv4 on our cluster and perform distributed indexing (well, we  
used to on our previous system which used a simple touch() locking  

I'm having a spot of bother getting Xapian to obtain a lock (hangs on  
I've read http://trac.xapian.org/wiki/XapianOverNFS and other list  
posts, and noted that a lock daemon should be running to allow locks  
to occur.  Now, lockd *is* running (but isn't listening on any ports),  
but apparently NFSv4 doesn't use lockd to perform locks, it's built  
into the protocol.

So, how-now-brown-cow?  I'm tempted to dig into Xapian's guts and  
simply change it to perform no locking since my backend system manager  
takes care of concurrency, but I'd prefer to figure/find out what's  
causing this lock to fail/hang.

Anyone else experienced this?


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