[Xapian-discuss] NFSv4 and locking

Henry henka at cityweb.co.za
Wed Dec 3 07:30:30 GMT 2008

Quoting "Olly Betts" <olly at survex.com>:
>> I'm having a spot of bother getting Xapian to obtain a lock (hangs on
>> fcntl64()).
> Hmm, that shouldn't happen - we use F_SETLK which shouldn't block.
> If locking isn't supported, I'd expect ENOLCK.  If it is supported, I'd
> expect the lock to be obtained, or to fail with EACCES/EAGAIN.
> Sounds to me like you need to debug your NFS setup.

<sigh>, you're right.  I just coded a quick C app to attempt a file  
lock on an NFS mounted volume and it hangs in the same fashion. Looks  
like google 'n I are going to get cozy for at least the next few hours.

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