[Xapian-discuss] Always returning ALL the documents matching a query

tata 668 tata668 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 22:52:57 GMT 2008


Let's say I always want Xapian to return me ALL the documents matching a query, not a subset. What 
is the best way to achieve that?

Would it be to use the biggest possible value for "maxitems" when getting the mset 

If so, what is that maximum value? I see maxitems is of type "Xapian::doccount" which is a typedef 
for "unsigned". Is "unsigned" always the same on all systems? I don't know C++ at all, I'm using 
Xapian via it's php binding. My Xapian instance runs on a CentOS 5 Linux server, if it matters.

Thanks in advance,


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