[Xapian-discuss] Phrase Search on Stemmed Data

Deniz Dalli dalli at capsid.com
Fri Jan 4 20:36:23 GMT 2008

> If I follow what you're asking, that's essentially what stem strategy
> QueryParser::STEM_SOME does.
Thank you

... I misread the docs, now phrase searches works fine, but now I found 
in the docs

 >>>STEM_SOME: Search for stemmed forms of terms except for those which 
start with a capital letter, or are followed by certain characters 
(currently: (/@<>=*[{" ), or are used with operators which need 
positional information. Stemmed terms are prefixed with 'Z'.<<<

So, if I have terms with capital letters (as in german, ...) they won't 
get stemmed, what it is in fact not my desired behaviour ....

If i lowercase all words I get matches for stemmed terms, but I won't 
get a match on a phrase search (when capitalized terms occur).

Is that an issue I have to handle myself, or is there on other 
opportunity in Xapian.


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