[Xapian-discuss] xapian with MinGW - solved

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Fri Jan 11 00:54:33 GMT 2008

On Thu, Jan 10, 2008 at 01:51:54PM +0200, Adi Oanca wrote:
>    By getting zlib from zlib.net, only xapian's static library is
> buit, because "libzlib.dll.a"(../configure finds -lzlib) is not found
> for linking the xapian DLL.

Did you read "USAGE.txt" in the zlib.net download?  Particularly point

Using ZLIB1.DLL with gcc/MinGW
   1. Install the supplied header files "zlib.h" and "zconf.h"
      into the INCLUDE directory.

   2. Build the import library from the supplied "zlib.def":
        dlltool -D zlib1.dll -d lib/zlib.def -l lib/libzdll.a


   2' Copy the supplied library file "zdll.lib" to "libzdll.a":
        cp lib/zdll.lib lib/libzdll.a

   3. Install "libzdll.a" into the LIB directory.

   4. Add "libzdll.a" to your project, or use the -lzdll option.

Xapian-core's configure tries "-lz", "-lzlib", and "-lzdll", so this should


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