[Xapian-discuss] Help me compile xapian + python on solaris

mario alejandro mamcx at elmalabarista.com
Fri Jan 11 22:00:40 GMT 2008

Hi, i'm a user of pyLucene and in fact try to port lucene to Delphi. In a
recent project I must put a search engine to work under django + Solaris 10
and pyLucene as today is impossible (to me!) to compile under Solaris.

I'm a deadline and need a solution asap. Somebody tell me about xapian and I
try to install it. Xapian core compile & install right but can't build the
pything bindings.

This is my steps:

 ./configure --prefix=/opt/local --with-python

config.status: config.h is unchanged
config.status: executing depfiles commands

*** Not found the required tools for building bindings for any
*** supported language!
*** You may need to install -dev or -devel packages for the languages
*** you want to build bindings for.
*** For details of how to point configure at tools not on PATH, see:
***     ./configure --help

I'm complete noob on solaris, and have 0 experience in use the gcc
toolchain. So I run  ./configure --help but then wonder what exactly I must
configure (why fail?).

Any hints?

Mario A.Montoya

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