[Xapian-discuss] PHP indexing, what's the PHP method for indexscript

athlon athlonf athlonkmf at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 16 09:17:51 GMT 2008

I've managed to correctly use PHP-bindings to index my database and I'm really amazed by the speed.

Apparantly, the method of using a perlscript like dbi2omega to get the inputfile and then use scriptindex to parse and index it is much slower.
Indexing with PHP took 9 hours to complete on my developmachine (amd64 3800 with 2GB of ram and 5HDD-raid5) for 3 million documents, with less load.

Indexing with dbi2omega->scriptindex takes more than 24 hours and it's not even at 40% (i've made several intermediate files) at load 5. And this on a AMD dual opteron 246 with raid1 and 3GB of ram.

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