[Xapian-discuss] how to catch Xapian::DatabaseModifiedError in perl?

Markus Wörle mrks at mrks.de
Sat Jan 26 18:15:13 GMT 2008


The pod-documentation of Database.pm says:
 > reopen
 > This re-opens the database(s) to the latest available version(s).  
It can be
 > used either to make sure the latest results are returned, or to  
recover from
 > a Xapian::DatabaseModifiedError.

I really would like to do that, but as soon as this exception occures  
my applications dies with a SIGABRT.

Is there any posibility to catch a Xapian::DatabaseModifiedError with  
Search::Xapian in Perl?

At the moment I need reopen() the database before each query, which  
seems the only way to handle concurrent reading and updating in with  
perl, but it feels not very neat.


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