[Xapian-discuss] Exact matches

Robert Kaye rob at eorbit.net
Wed Jul 2 22:21:44 BST 2008

My saga of tweaking Xapian to work right for me continues -- last  
night I figured out the core issue that I am having and I'm hoping you  
folks can direct me how to tweak xapian to make it behave right.

Consider the search for an artist. Let's consider "Duran Duran" as an  
example right now. Without any weighting tricks, when I search for  
Duran Duran I get:

100	Duran Duran Duran		
88	Duran Duran	
66	Mike Duran			
66	Duran Y Garcia
66	Duran

(FYI, Duran Duran Duran is a valid band, sigh)

As a user I would expect to see "Duran Duran" at 100% since my query  
matches one document in the database EXACTLY. In text searching terms,  
I understand the result since more occurrences of the word ought to  
yield a higher score. But for my round-pep-into-a-square hole approach  
of searching my SQL database with xapian, this isn't the best result.

Is there any way I can tweak Xapian to move exact matches to 100% and  
matches that have more/fewer terms lower?


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