[Xapian-discuss] Error with remote DB (using tcpSrv)

Ron Kass ron at pidgintech.com
Mon Mar 3 13:59:19 GMT 2008

We are getting these exceptions on some the remote nodes quite often, 
which causes the search to fail entirely.

This is the output of the tcpSrv:

    "Got exception NetworkError: Received EOF (context: 
/fts1/Database_1/ /fts1/Database_1_ARCHIVE/ /fts2/Database_2/ 

Closing connection."

We have 5 such nodes. Each contain 4 databases as above (two "database_" 
and two "database_*_ARCHIVE"). All show these exceptions.

we expanded the default timeout to 60000 (from the original 10000). 
These exceptions happen right away and not after many seconds, so its 
not a search timeout issue anyway.

Any thoughts..

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