[Xapian-discuss] STEM_SOME and prefixes.. (even boolean)

Jesper Krogh jesper at krogh.cc
Thu May 15 12:50:16 BST 2008


This seems somehow a bit strange. And I cant really see if it is a bug
or a "feature" but:

I have acc listed as a boolean prefix. I use STEM_SOME since that seem
to be the most useful way of doing stuff. But it would be really nice if
we'd either stemmed all prefixes or we didn't.

I have some terms like Q1W2E3 that is listed as boolean prefixes. This is
essential ID's.. so I really dont want the stemming algorithm to
stumble over them. But then if the id happens to be start with an
upper-case letter it gets fed to the search like this:

Running query 'Xapian::Query(0 * ACC:Q1W2E3)'

As far as I can tell the query with a : will never match anything in the

Xapian 1.0.5


Jesper Krogh

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