[Xapian-discuss] Making SORTAFTER useful in omega?

Arjen van der Meijden acmmailing at tweakers.net
Fri Oct 3 14:43:42 BST 2008

On 3-10-2008 15:15, Olly Betts wrote:
>> Do you have plans to tackle the underlying issue anytime soon?
> Hmm, well PostingSource was the plan to tackle the underlying issue...
> Perhaps we have different ideas what the underlying issue is - it seems
> to me to be how to combine query-based weights and sort-by-date.  What
> are you seeing it as?

I our case, I have a few cases where some sort of importance can be 
derived from other variables.

For discussions on our forum, I'd like to return the most relevant 
result first. But if two results appear to be similar in relevance, the 
newest one goes first.
Then again, you could extend it to a more general notion of the fact 
that relevance apparently deteriorates over time, in which case your 
postingsource solution seems to be the right choice.

For a product search we'd like to increase the weight based on what kind 
of product it is. I.e. if someone is searching for 'asus eee pc' he 
probably isn't expecting to see a asus eee pc mouse as the first result.
That was a problem I also was intending to fix with a sorter, but I 
didn't know about your postingsource when I wrote that. The 
PostingSource seems to be a better solution for that, depending on how 
easy it is to use.

Best regards,


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