[Xapian-discuss] Is there any good way to delete many documents in Xapian Indexed data?

Hightman(马明练) hightman at zuaa.zju.edu.cn
Fri Oct 17 06:41:39 BST 2008

	The failure reason is out of memory, So this maybe not a real bug. thanks you...

    I think XAPIAN cost memory very much becuase of 'Atomic modifications', Can I make sure single writer process by myself and try to disabled this feature? 

======= 2008-10-17 04:02:00 =======

>On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 01:50:48AM +0800, Hightman(??????) wrote:
>> Sometimes, I should delete a lot of documents from xapian indexed data, 
>> I had to call the  WritableDatabase::delete_document() by a fake
>> unique_term, becuase this term refer to many documents rather than
>> only one document.
>> But this operator will take for a long time even failed. So, I am
>> finding a better way to solved this problem, can you help me?
>It is inherently a lot of work to delete a lot of documents as we need
>to update the posting lists for all the terms they contain.  The work
>is comparable to what would be required to add the same documents.
>If this is failing, that sounds like a bug, but I need details before
>I can usefully comment on that...
>    Olly

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