[Xapian-discuss] indexing for newbies?

Bobo Wieland bobo at kodlabbet.se
Fri Sep 19 13:37:39 BST 2008

I find it hard to find suitable documentation or articles about
indexing. Either it's too simple, or it's just the generated
documentation of the xapian-classes.

I would like a push in the right direction here. As I've stated in
previous posts I'm new to xapian. I will explain the project I'm about
to start working on and any help is appreciated.

I have three tables in mysql that should be indexed for searching.
You should get hits from all three tables with a single search (but
grouped by table). The tables are "players","clubs","competitions".

The searchable fields for each table should be:
The players table:
Licensnumber (unique),
Geografical region

The clubs table:
Geografical region

The competitions table:
Organizer (a ClubName),
Geografical region

I thought of using terms XPLAYER, XCLUB and XCOMPETITION for keeping
the results grouped. And I need some range search for StartDate and
EndDate, right?

Thing is I have no idea how to do this. How do I add the rows to the
xapian database and how do I define the terms?

I use the php bindings and xapian through a webserver...


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