[Xapian-discuss] omindex => Unknown extension

Eric Voisard eric.voisard at atisuher.ch
Mon Apr 6 11:45:40 BST 2009

Hi all,

I'm having a recurrent problem with Omega's indexing.
When I run omindex, it sometimes misses to recognize the extension of
some files (.doc, .pdf) and skips them. In the same run, omindex is
otherwise perfectly able to index other files with same extensions. The
reason is not clear but it should occur before it selects a content
converter since for example, if I manually run antiword on a .doc file
that failed, it works...

Running omindex:
Unknown extension: "/srv/xapian/targets/dir/subdir/file name.doc" - skipping

Manual conversion:
host:/srv # antiword "/srv/xapian/targets/dir/subdir/file name.doc"
<..plain text content of the file...>
host:/srv #

Note that the target directory is a CIFS mount of a remote Windows
shared directory. Charset is UTF-8.
I don't think it has to do with the whitespace in the file name since
other .doc filenames with whitespaces work.

Any idea?...

Thanks in advance, Eric
ATIS Uher S.A. 
CH 2046 Fontaines

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