[Xapian-discuss] does xapian have these disadvantages?

Richard Boulton richard at lemurconsulting.com
Wed Apr 15 14:54:03 BST 2009

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 08:54:55PM +0800, 白俊良 wrote:
> hi! alls

Hi. Please don't crosspost to both xapian-discuss and xapian-devel - pick
the one which is appropriate for your message.  In this case, that's

> i have read an article about comments on Lucene.
> http://www.jroller.com/melix/entry/why_lucene_isn_t_that
> i have more understanding about Lucene through this article,especially its disadvantage or limitation.
> then i would like to question that are there similar disadvantages to xapian?

That's too broad a question for me to answer, really.  Many of the
criticisms of Lucene are either specific to implementations in Java, or to
Lucene.  Xapian certainly supports transparent searching across multiple
collections, though.

I suggest looking through Xapian code and documentation, and/or asking some
specific questions about how Xapian handles specific requirements.


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