[Xapian-discuss] PHP bindings with directors

Víťa Plšek plsek at qcm.cz
Tue Aug 25 07:51:56 BST 2009

Hello all,

today I had realized that Swig supports directors in PHP until now :)

	see : http://www.swig.org/

Its very good news, because now we can use XapianDecider in PHP
I would like to use it because user permissions in my project are very
complex to save it in index.

These days I use XapianMatchDecider from development version, but I have
to prepare visible IDs before search.

Now I am trying to make PHP bindings to be able to try XapianDecider in
PHP, but I don't understand SWIG too much, so I don't know if I will

Is possible that official xapian PHP bindings with directors support for
current stable version will be made in some short term?

Thank you very much.


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