[Xapian-discuss] Patch submission

henka at cityweb.co.za henka at cityweb.co.za
Wed Dec 23 07:05:25 GMT 2009

Following on from ticket #420

> The documentation for {{{WritableDatabase::close}}} should really be for
> {{{Database::close}}}, but this method doesn't seem to be wrapped for Perl
> anyway currently, so I've not applied that bit...

I take it from the docs that Search::Xapian::Database is for searching,
and Search::Xapian::WritableDatabase is for indexing (for all practical
purposes anyway).

Would it not then make sense to also have close() wrapped for Perl in
Search::Xapian::WritableDatabase?  This is wrt my recent post about
explicitly closing an database while indexing (see

I've patched Search::Xapian::WritableDatabase to include a $idx->close()
call, and this /appears/ to be working in my indexing code - but maybe
only because it's followed by a $idx=S::X::WD->new()?

If Search::Xapian::WritableDatabase is not supposed to have a close(),
then how can I access the database object to call the close() method?


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