[Xapian-discuss] problem on closing writable databases

Markus Wörle mrks at mrks.de
Tue Feb 10 08:42:25 GMT 2009

Am 10.02.2009 um 03:12 schrieb Kevin Duraj:

> You must use: copydatabase then your Xapian Index will free unused
> disk space from deleted documents.

Thank you for your hint, but that does not help me on my problem. My  
problem is actually that I am not able to _close_  writable indices  
properly. With closing I mean "not having any open filehandle left in  
my process or any child-processes (like /bin/cat)", because disk space  
from deleted _files_ (on disk) gets freed not till then every single  
handle to it is closed. My issue is, that /bin/cat randomly (?, it  
seems so) remains with open files after closing.


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