[Xapian-discuss] Omega Script

Frank J Bruzzaniti frank.bruzzaniti at harrier-rm.com
Fri Feb 27 04:23:54 GMT 2009

I really like Omega script but I've run into a problem and am not sure 
what is the best way to get around it.

When I return the names of files from a search result I use $field{url} 
which returns \\server\docs\foo.doc

What should I do if I only want foo.doc to be displayed?

I was wondering where in the documentation I should look to find what 
fields are available to use with $field{}

And how hard would it be to create new script index commands like 
$filename and $path.  If extending omega script is easy/"a good idea" 
I'd be happy
to write some documentation once I learn how.



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