[Xapian-discuss] Great piece of software

jdrake at simplesft.com jdrake at simplesft.com
Wed Jan 21 23:42:28 GMT 2009

I'm a developer at Yousport.com, we are a small startup that was in need of
a better search system. We were using Solr before but it was constantly
causing headaches in terms of scalability and complexity. I gave Xapian a
go and so far I'm blown away by how awesome it is. Its incredibly
lightweight, its scaled a 100 times better and everyone involved is
happier. I just wanted to let you guys know as a sort of hello to the list.

Also feel free to add us http://www.yousport.com to your site list. I also
look forward to getting input from other users of this list and sharing
thoughts, etc.

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