[Xapian-discuss] FW: Wondering about the n-gram QP ?

Tom Leitch tom.leitch at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 12:03:37 BST 2009

Apologies, silly corporate auto-boilerplate.

Thanks for letting me know the good news Richard.

We had attempted to create a Perl module which has the same interface as
Xapian::Search::Stem (i.e. new() and stem_word()) and then say
$qp->set_stemmer(new PurePerlNGramStemmer());

However we were thwarted by this error message
"Search::Xapian::QueryParser::set_stemmer() -- stemmer is not a blessed SV
reference".  Might there be a way we could trick QueryParser into using a
pure Perl module, rather than an opaque C++ object ?


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>  2009/7/21 Thomas Leitch <Thomas.Leitch at bbc.co.uk>
>> I know a good while ago some code was floating around to create an
>> n-gram query parser. I'm just wondering if there are any current plans
>> for something like that to find its way into Xapian proper ?  We're
>> currently pre-generating a load of grams before pushing them into a
>> Xapian database, but increasingly we're starting to use custom boolean
>> prefixes.  Having a native n-gram query parser would be fab.
> There aren't any definite plans that I know of, but it's certainly
> something we'd like to do - just haven't got around to it yet.
> The relevant ticket is http://trac.xapian.org/ticket/180 - the ticket is
> currently marked as something to address in the 1.1 series, and has a high
> priority, so the chances are reasonable that it'll get done in the next few
> months.
> Patches (particularly if they include tests!) will help this process along,
> obviously!
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> Richard

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