[Xapian-discuss] perl bindings

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Tue Dec 14 01:39:05 GMT 2010

On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 04:31:33PM +0100, Reini Urban wrote:
> 2010/11/23 Tim Brody <tdb2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk>:
> > On Tue, 23 Nov 2010 05:22:38 -0000, Olly Betts <olly at survex.com> wrote:
> >> But if nobody wants to maintain such packages (or even fund someone to do
> >> it), it's kind of irrelevant what the status of the OS is.
> I'm still forced to use RHEL4 on my production xapian server.
> In the cooperate environment this will not change in the next 3 years.
> I'm only updating xapian yearly now.

I think that's probably similar for most users of these distros like these
- they're using them because they want a known environment which doesn't
change except for fixes for security issues, so even if they'd like a newer
version of Xapian than the distro might ship, they probably don't want
to update their Xapian packages each time there's a new Xapian release.


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