[Xapian-discuss] Pretty URLs for omega?

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> > Almost there.
> This is now almost entirely not a Xapian issue, so I suggest 
> if you continue to need help you turn to apache-related lists.


> That's helpful - it would be good if you could drop this into 
> a brief write-up on our wiki, so others can find it easily in future.

Done on http://trac.xapian.org/wiki/Articles

> You can use /etc/hosts for this (or similar under Windows).

Name resolution is not a technical issue :-p
> That's not how port specifications work in URLs. You mean:
> >
> However you can't do this with a redirect from an apache 
> running port 80. Instead, look into the proxy and proxy_http 
> modules, which will do what you need.

Will explore.

Thanks again James  :-)

Responses above.



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