[Xapian-discuss] Installing Search::xapian

James Aylett james-xapian at tartarus.org
Sat Apr 23 13:51:01 BST 2011

On 21 Apr 2011, at 21:25, Rohit wrote:

> I know my installation is not correct because I'm not able to use the
> library in my code .
> In fact the erro i get while trying to use the library is Can't locate
> loadable object for module Search::Xapian
> I managed to get this to run successfulyy on my local.

My guess is that you're building Search::Xapian against an uninstalled xapian-core. It may be more smooth to install core first, build the perl bindings against it, then install the bindings. Obviously you'll have to install with an overridden --prefix, as you suggest. (You may also have to add one or both of those locations to LD_LIBRARY_PATH or similar for the library to be found.)

> Any help would be appreciated. I'm sorry for the huge error logs.

It might help if you post the entire run (configure - make - make install) for both xapian-core and Search::Xapian on gist or pastebin.


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