[Xapian-discuss] Writing a Quick Start Guide to Xapian

Chris chris at s-4-u.net
Mon Aug 29 13:57:52 BST 2011

On 08/29/2011 01:32 PM, Olly Betts wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 12:09:48PM +0100, Andrew Betts wrote:
>>> But I think we should do it anyway - I'll be in California for the
>>> mentor summit for 21st-23rd October, so could be in the UK the week
>>> before.  Two of the other people who were interested were based in
>>> London, and the other in Germany.  Perhaps there are others who might be
>>> able to make it if it was in the UK too.  Holding it partly over the
>>> previous weekend is possible if that works better for people.
>>> We could do with a venue though - somewhere with enough room for a small
>>> group of people to work on laptops without much disturbance is all
>>> that's really needed.  Internet access would be useful, but probably
>>> not essential.  Can anyone offer somewhere suitable?  London or
>>> Cambridge would be good locations I suspect, depending who can make it.
>> My company is moving offices soon, and would be able to provide lots
>> of space easily, but not that soon, sadly.  In the meantime if it's at
>> a weekend I can offer our meeting space, which can accommodate 6-8
>> people, plus more if you're happy to sit on bean bags or sofas.  It's
>> located in Shepherd's Bush, West London.  We also have fast internet
>> access.
> Thanks for the offer.  I'm unlikely to be in the UK again for a while,
> and while I don't have to be involved, I've taken part in a book sprint
> before, which is likely to help.  Just a weekend is probably too short,
> though a weekend to get started, with a follow-up sprint later on might
> work.
>> I'll be in California from the 2nd to the 21st of October for a
>> holiday and Blackberry DevCon, so couldn't do the week before the
>> 21st, but could do the week after, if that is of any help.
> I could probably come after the summit instead, though before works
> better for me.  I really should get on and get my flight booked in the
> next day or two, so if anyone else wants to take part and has a
> preference for dates, please speak up.
I'm still interested, but dont have a preference for a specific date.
I'll just follow the lead *lol*

Greets, Chris

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