[Xapian-discuss] Problems with scriptindex

stephane altazin stephane.altazin at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 10:42:24 GMT 2011


I am a beginner with Xapian.
I am trying to use scriptindex but I get some problems :
1) If my script file is empty I have an indexation by default, and I get
two output fields when I am using quest.exe (These fields are caption and

2) I then tryed to not use an empty script file defining this time my own
fields, but
if I use quest to perform researches these fileds does not appear in the

Here is the file I am using (they are inspired on what I found on the net)

The script file :
url : field boolean=Q unique=Q
title: field=title index=S value=0
author: field index=A value=2
translator: field index=XTRANS value=3
date: field=date date=yyyymmdd index=D value=1
body : indexnopos

The data file :

translator=E. M. Edghill
body=350 BC
=by Aristotle
=translated by E. M. Edghill
=Things are said to be named 'equivocally' when, though they have a
=common name, the definition corresponding with the name differs for
=each. Thus, a real man and a figure in a picture can both lay claim to
=the name 'animal'; yet these are equivocally so named, for, though*

Thank you by advance for your answers


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