[Xapian-discuss] Apache conf.d file for omega?

Charles xapian at catcons.co.uk
Thu Oct 27 15:56:41 BST 2011

Hello :-)

Sorry if this question is naïve and confused; I'm new to Apache

Can Apache be configured to run omega via a file in the conf.d directory
rather than a virtual server?

I have been using a virtual server on port 80 but now need to run nagios
on port 80 too and do not want to ask the users to start using a URL
with a non-standard port for omega.  KISS.

AFAIK omega gives the user links to files under DocumentRoot.  That was
not an issue when using a virtual server which could have its own

For a conf.d file the equivalent would be an Alias directive but
aliasing / would not be sane.  Is there any way to tell omega to look
for the files somewhere else?

Here's the attempt at a conf.d file:

Redirect "/search" "/cgi-bin/omega/omega?DB=docoll&FMT=docoll"
ScriptAlias "/cgi-bin/omega" "/etc/opt/docoll/live"
<DirectoryMatch /etc/opt/docoll/live>
    Alias "/" "/srv/docoll"
    <Directory "/srv/docoll">
        AllowOverride None
        Options All
        Order Allow,Deny
        Allow from all
    ServerAdmin <email address>
    ServerName "Document Collation"

Apache says "Alias not allowed here".

Note: /etc/opt/docoll/live contains a symlink to the omega CGI script.
For each environment (live, test ...), this allows different versions of
Xapian Omega and a dedicated omega.conf allowing different Xapian
databases and templates.



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