[Xapian-discuss] Integrated Chinese tokenizer SCWS in xapian-core

hightman hightman at zuaa.zju.edu.cn
Thu Sep 15 09:36:43 BST 2011

在 2011-9-15,下午1:45, Olly Betts 写道:

> What licence is SCWS released under?  I couldn't find this information
> anywhere - the nearest I came was the COPYING file in the distribution.
> I tried converting this from BIG-5 to UTF-8, which gave plausible
> looking Chinese text, but Google translate just gave gibberish when I
> tried to convert the UTF-8 text to English to get the gist.

For some historical reasons, SCWS has not clear license,  but soon I will release the new version under BSD license. 

Sorry for negligence,  the charset of COPYING file in scws packages is GBK, That is not a standard open source license, but close to BSD.

> If you want to get this integrated into Xapian releases, we really need
> a patch against trunk (this one won't apply cleanly, since it hooks in
> to the same places as the new n-gram CJK code).
> Also, please confirm that you're happy to license the patch suitably -
> see "Licensing of patches" in HACKING:

OK, I known, I will try to integrate the code into trunk.  thanks

> http://trac.xapian.org/browser/trunk/xapian-core/HACKING#L1203
> Cheers,
>    Olly

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