[Xapian-discuss] Understanding API Documentation for PHP

James Aylett james-xapian at tartarus.org
Wed Sep 21 08:51:28 BST 2011

On 21 Sep 2011, at 00:23, Peter Van Dijk wrote:

> That being said, having recently worked on a PHP based deployment of Xapian
> i can tell you i struggled somewhat with the same thing.
> The PHP wrapper really doesn't clue you in as to what types you should be
> passing to any given method, so you'll find yourself having to wrap a lot of
> stuff with intval( ) or strval( ) for the methods to work correctly,
> which is a side effect of trying to use a wrapper designed for a strongly
> typed language with a loosely typed one.

I think this is because of a lack of attention to the PHP bindings, sadly; the aim is for idiomatic code in the bindings language to work, and we do well in say Python but less well in others.

If there are specific things that would help here, it'd be great to get them either onto a page on the wiki talking about how the PHP bindings could be improved, or into tickets. Beyond <http://trac.xapian.org/ticket/520> I couldn't find anything at the moment.


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