[Xapian-discuss] Doc sprints

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Thu Oct 11 01:17:50 BST 2012

Dan Colish and I are planning to stay on in San Francisco, USA for a
couple of days after the GSoC mentor summit (so Monday October 22nd
and Tuesday October 23rd 2012) to try to improve the Xapian
documentation.  In particular, the "Getting Started" guide which
was created at the doc sprint just under a year ago:


James Aylett is hoping to be able to join in remotely.  If anyone else
is interested in taking part either locally or remotely, please let me

I'll also be around in SF for the rest of that week (I fly out on 29th).

Entirely separately to that, the GSoC people just announced that they
are hosting another Doc Camp but this year it's not adjacent to the
mentor summit, but December 3rd-7th:


I wouldn't be able to make those dates (I'm already double booked for
them!) but if people are interested in applying on behalf of Xapian, I'd
encourage you to.  I can dig out the application I sent in last year if
you want.


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