[Xapian-discuss] Perl interface isn't working in 1.2.x

Jim Lynch jim at fayettedigital.com
Wed Aug 21 18:58:35 BST 2013

At least it isn't working the way it used to.


     $db = Search::Xapian::Database->new( $dx );
     my $qp = Search::Xapian::QueryParser->new();
     my $dbSize=$db->get_doccount();
#    $qp->set_stemmer(new Search::Xapian::Stem("english"));
#    $qp->set_stemming_strategy(STEM_SOME);
#    $qp->set_default_op($defaultop);
     my $par = $qp->parse_query($query);
     my $enq = $db->enquire( $par );

     my @matches = $enq->matches($nstart,$nrecords);
     my $mset = $enq->get_mset($nstart,$nrecords);
     my $est = $mset->get_matches_estimated();
     my $totTime=0;
     foreach my $match ( @matches ) {
         my $doc = $match->get_document();
         my $id = $match->get_docid();
         my $eterm = $enq->get_matching_terms_end($id);
         my $bterm = $enq->get_matching_terms_begin($id);
         my @terms;
         for(my $xit=$bterm;$xit != $eterm;++$xit) {
             my $foo ="$xit";
             $foo =~s/^Z//;
             $foo =~s/^A//;

What's happening is a seg fault at the "push" because $foo is an empty 
hash.  On the correctly working system, it's a string.  The @matches 
array has 5 empty hashes where as on the working system the hash shows a 
number instead of the string "empty hash"  as in the debugging output 
from perl -d

main::(gs.cgi:39):	    foreach my $match ( @matches ) {
   DB<2> x @matches
0  Search::Xapian::MSetIterator=HASH(0xe0ae90)
      empty hash
1  Search::Xapian::MSetIterator=HASH(0xe0af08)
      empty hash
2  Search::Xapian::MSetIterator=HASH(0xe0af80)
      empty hash
3  Search::Xapian::MSetIterator=HASH(0xe0aff8)
      empty hash
4  Search::Xapian::MSetIterator=HASH(0xe0b070)
      empty hash

I noticed that there is a new MatchSpy class that seems to replace what 
I was doing, but I have no idea how to implement it in perl. If that's 
the fix a simple sample code would be nice.


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