[Xapian-discuss] Xapian GSoC 2014 Projects

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Wed Apr 30 04:16:27 BST 2014

[Reposting from my blog:

Accepted GSoC students were announced on 21st April, but I was away on holiday
last week, and have only just had a chance to write this up.

We received 30 student proposals for Xapian this year, and Google allocated us
six slots (the same as we had in 2012).

We had four particularly strong proposals for the "Learning to Rank" project
idea, so we decided to create a second project adding more algorithms, to
complement the project sketched out in our ideas list.

Congratulations to the chosen six:

    Aarsh Shah: Performance/Relevancy testing module and optimization of DFR
    Assem Chelli: Arabic Support & Python Bindings Improvements
    George Daniel MITRA: Clustering of search results
    Hanxiao Sun: Learning to Rank (more algorithms)
    Jiarong Wei: Learning to Rank
    Shangtong Zhang: Posting list encoding improvements

Sorry to those we weren't able to select this year - we had to make some
difficult decisions during the selection process, and we really appreciate the
time you spent writing your proposal, working on patches, and on the rest of
the application process. We'd encourage you to remain involved with Xapian, and
to apply to us again next year if you're still eligible for GSoC.

If any applicants would like some more specific feedback on their applications
please just come and ask us.


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