[Xapian-discuss] omega and "text/x-mail" support

Emmanuel Garette egarette at cadoles.com
Sat Dec 13 19:32:58 GMT 2014


I would like to add "text/x-mail" support to omega. I'm using mhonarc to
export mail to HTML format and I'm using HTML parse to index mail
content (largely inspired by "application/vnd.ms-outlook" format).

The problem is that files attached to the mail are not indexing at all.
I think it's not possible in "index_file" function to index 2 files as
one document.

I can't find easily solution for my problem. I think I must spit this
function to separate document's creation and file indexing.

Any other suggesting?


Emmanuel Garette
Ingénieur logiciels libres

Cadoles (http://www.cadoles.com)
Experts EOLE, Gaspacho, logiciels libres

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