[Xapian-discuss] Perl bindings and MatchSpy

Andreas Marienborg omega at palle.net
Wed Aug 19 11:31:31 BST 2015


I’m cleaning up some code at my work place, and it turns out someone had forked Search::Xapian and added MatchSpy bindings for it for one of our internal projects. I was wondering if I should try to extract this as a patch against the current Search::Xapian code, and submit it, or if that is not wanted/wasted effort? It seems to be against 1.2.4.n of Search::Xapian, but I think I should be able to update it against the most current release.

Last time I was involved (which was a long time ago, haha), the Search::Xapian stuff was moving to SWIG soon, but I am not sure if that has happened or not yet?

If I want to create a patch, should it be against the xapian-bindings directory/repo? or somewhere else?

Thanks, Andreas

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