Xapian::WritableDatabase: commit changes depending on the buffer size

john veter johnveter at yandex.com
Sat Feb 6 16:39:15 GMT 2016

Hi.  I have a lot of documents with different filesize. While indexing, i call commit() every 1000 documents (this is the default value, user can change it). The problem is the following: the indexing process runs  smoothly while indexing small files. The indexer uses about half of the available RAM. But one moment it hits a bunch of bigger documents.  As a result, the RAM usage increases drastically. Finally, i just run out of memory.

I think that the solution is to call commit() depending on the buffer actual size (in megabytes), but not based on the number of the indexed documents. So, is there any way to estimate the size of the buffer of the Xapian::WritableDatabase object?

P.S.  may be somebody have other suggestions how to solve the problem?

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