Xapian 1.4.3 "Db block overwritten - are there multiple writers?"

Jean-Francois Dockes jf at dockes.org
Wed May 17 20:08:32 BST 2017


I have a user reporting the following error during recoll indexing:

    flush() failed: Db block overwritten - are there multiple writers?

"flush() failed" is from recoll, the rest is, I think the text of the Xapian

This is with Xapian 1.4.3 on Linux (I asked for more details, should be

I don't think that I've ever seen this error, and I also don't think that
there has been significant changes to recoll in this area, but as usual, I
may be wrong.

I've asked the kind user to run xapian-check on the index and post the

Anything more I can do ?



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