Xapian 1.4.10 released

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Mon Feb 11 23:12:25 GMT 2019

Xapian 1.4.10 can now be downloaded from:


This release notably brings a significant speed-up to indexing when
unique ids are handled by adding them as a prefixed term to each
document which is used to find any existing index entry for a document
being indexed.

The other change to be especially aware of is that the QueryParser now
produces shallower query trees (with the same meaning) in some cases.
For example, previously parsing a OR b OR c OR d OR ... now produces
a wide OR instead of deep tree of binary OR operations.  Both versions
are handled the same way by the query optimiser, but the deep one could
cause us to run out of stack space in extreme cases (most likely when
abusing the QueryParser to parse very large machine-generated queries).
If you have a test suite that check the descriptions of parsed queries
you may need to update it for this change (I checked everything packaged
for Debian, and it looks like only xapian-bindings and xapian-omega are
affected, and they've been updated).

The wiki has the usual summary of the most notable changes:


As always, if you encounter problems, please report them here, or to
the bug-tracker: https://xapian.org/bugs

You can find detached GPG signatures for each of the release tarballs
in a corresponding file with ".asc" appended.

Here are the SHA256 checksums of the released files:

53abebe8b4d594c246afd94f7dcb33a987c1d207a33beb02e9b08acad92b1d7f  xapian-bindings-1.4.10.tar.xz
68669327e08544ac88fe3473745dbcae4e8e98d5060b436c4d566f1f78709bb8  xapian-core-1.4.10.tar.xz
03f243a10e00fcd4a9021343496c88fef8273746086010c2d7677a0faa9f57bc  xapian-omega-1.4.10.tar.xz

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