Xapian 1.4.14 released

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Sun Nov 24 08:25:57 GMT 2019

Xapian 1.4.14 can now be downloaded from:


This release is mainly composed of optimisations, bug fixes, and
test harness improvements.

The wiki has the usual summary of the most notable changes:


A big thanks to Austin Clements, Ilari Nieminen, Oliver Runge, and Dagobert
Michelsen for helping to make this release a reality.

If I've missed anyone out, you can claim an extra big thankyou.

As always, if you encounter problems, please report them here, or to
the bug-tracker: https://xapian.org/bugs

You can find detached GPG signatures for each of the release tarballs
in a corresponding file with ".asc" appended.

Here are the SHA256 checksums of the released files:

5609d5680650d8a424683eb3fe3239dc8468341cabe0861e7be5018b383b6161  xapian-bindings-1.4.14.tar.xz
975a7ac018c9d34a15cc94a3ecc883204403469f748907e5c4c64d0aec2e4949  xapian-core-1.4.14.tar.xz
8b2b16cd52409c35507d1103cbdf10d9eabd0b5df64d9f34f0c9065a5d0286c3  xapian-omega-1.4.14.tar.xz

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