Xapian on Android?

Cliff Missen missenc at widernet.org
Thu Aug 27 16:55:07 BST 2020


I would like to hear from anyone who has experience deploying Xapian on Android.  I'm new to Xapian, but I know it is used by a couple partners for offline projects on Linux and Windows.

Our small nonprofit, WiderNet, provides off-line access to thousands of Web sites for people who lack Internet connectivity (www.widernet.org). Over 2,000 universities, schools, health care sites, and libraries in the developing world have adopted this entirely offline solution, providing a bounty of educational information to millions of users.  (www.widernet.org)  For our big library (12GB and 45 million documents) we use Lucene and SOLR.

Now we're developing smaller libraries that will fit on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  For example, our 16GB Ebola Pocket Library that is in the hands of hundreds of health workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  

We seek an Android search interface that would interact with an index of ~128GB of resources.  

We can create the index on more powerful machines with any OS in our development lab, but need to provide the end users with tools to search that index on their devices.

Thanks in advance for your advice and insights!

-- Cliff 

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