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Tue Apr 20 12:31:15 BST 2010

#333: Keep track of last modification time of database
 Reporter:  richard        |       Owner:  olly     
     Type:  enhancement    |      Status:  new      
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Component:  Backend-Chert  |     Version:  SVN trunk
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Comment(by olly):

 I think we want to avoid putting timestamp information into the database

 For the actual case here (checking manually which database was created
 when) ```ls -lt /PATH/TO/DB|head``` works well.

 For HTTP "If-Modified-Since" and similar cases, I think the best option is
 a method which (in a backend-specific way) gets a suitable timestamp from
 the database files, or else returns {{{(time_t)-1}}}.  Copying or
 replication may touch that timestamp, but I don't think that's much of an
 issue for the uses we're anticipating (and replication could easily
 replicate the file timestamps too).

 The big plus of this approach is it works for all existing disk-based
 databases, and could be implemented if someone wrote a backend for a
 "foreign" format (say, a Lucene backend).

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