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#507: Some little problems with the french stemmer
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 Here, a little list of few problems with the french stemmer that we found:

 For nouns with "...e", the e is removed by example: poule (chicken) =>
 poul (must be poule)
 it's good for an adjectiv, but not for a noun.

 And it's the same thing with the nouns with "...lle" or "...tte", by
 example, brouette (wheelbarrow) => brouet (must be brouette)

 I understand, it's a problem, because the same rule cannot be applied for
 nouns and adjectives. With the current solution (xapian 1.2.3), we get too
 many solutions with a search, ie "false positive", so it's better than
 "false negative".

 Have you got a file to test the stemmer? We can help you to fill this

 Best regards,
 D. Versmisse.

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