[Xapian-tickets] [Xapian] #504: Add is_closed() to Database class

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Sat Aug 6 03:25:04 BST 2011

#504: Add is_closed() to Database class
 Reporter:  jcassee          |        Owner:  olly  
     Type:  enhancement      |       Status:  closed
 Priority:  normal           |    Milestone:  1.2.7 
Component:  Xapian-bindings  |      Version:        
 Severity:  minor            |   Resolution:  fixed 
 Keywords:                   |    Blockedby:        
 Platform:  All              |     Blocking:        
Changes (by olly):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => fixed
  * milestone:  => 1.2.7


 I think what Richard said in comment:2 is also true for code written using
 the bindings.  I also asked dcolish on IRC and he's happy to close this.

Ticket URL: <http://trac.xapian.org/ticket/504#comment:7>
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