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#524: dynamic weight
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 I am a C# developer, and I use Xapian c# version. I collect several
 e-commerce web sites products information. When I use product names for
 searching the xapian shows only one site products because its product name
 are shortes. for example one site write "Nokia n95","nokia n97","nokia
 n77" and the second site write "Nokia n95 cellphone","nokia n97
 cellphone".  when I search "nokia" the xapian engine shows me "nokia
 n95","nokia n97","nokia n77","Nokia n95 cellphone","nokia n97 cellphone".
 but the result is not relevant. the result must "nokia n95","nokia
 n97","Nokia n95 cellphone","nokia n77","nokia n97 cellphone". I need
 override the weight function and for each result the custom weight factor
 calculate the previous result. is it posible?

 Note: I am currently use Lucene.net and I override the weight function as

 siteweight: global variable for each site,

 weight = weight * siteweight;
 siteweight *=0.98;
 return weight;


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