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Sun Jul 17 07:05:39 BST 2011

#553: Failed test bigoaddvalue1 on Solaris 9 i386
 Reporter:  dmichelsen  |       Owner:  olly   
     Type:  defect      |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  normal      |   Milestone:         
Component:  Test Suite  |     Version:  1.2.6  
 Severity:  normal      |    Keywords:         
Blockedby:              |    Platform:  Solaris
 Blocking:              |  

Comment(by olly):

 OK, config.h has:


 So we should be using {{{getrusage()}}} to get the CPU time used for this
 test, which should make it much less sensitive to load spikes from other
 processes (on some platforms, the testsuite falls back to just measuring
 elapsed time, which is more problematic).

 It's really unlikely to be a bug in the library code, or else we'd
 probably see it elsewhere.  But it's arguably a bug in the testsuite
 harness that it can fail due to unrelated activity on the machine.

 You could try excluding system time from the measurement by modifying
 tests/harness/cputimer.cc and removing {{{r.ru_stime.tv_sec}}} from line
 58, and the similar change on the next line.

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