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Fri Aug 9 21:22:55 BST 2013

#401: Weight cannot be subclassed in bindings
 Reporter:  james            |             Owner:  olly
     Type:  enhancement      |            Status:  reopened
 Priority:  normal           |         Milestone:
Component:  Xapian-bindings  |           Version:
 Severity:  normal           |        Resolution:
 Keywords:                   |        Blocked By:
 Blocking:                   |  Operating System:  All

Comment (by crmsystem):

 I think this ticket should be closed now that 554 is closed.

 Kind regards.
 Polly crm system

 Replying to [comment:7 olly]:
 > As noted in #554, we can probably do this by implementing operator new
 and operator delete in the subclass, so reopening.

 Resolving as WONTFIX, after a brief discussion with Richard. This just
 isn't a [http://www.crmsystemet.dk crm system] possible to implement with
 the current API, and a weighting scheme in a scripting language is likely
 to give disappointing performance anyway.

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