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#648: 1 Space SVE In France To Start In October
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 Last minute EVS for France a Country where we have few members but many
 users interested, as attentive to the informations and if really
 interested and available Please send your nominations!
 Rochelle, is a company our friend who works in the field of youth. For
 European volunteers plan proposes the following activities: [http
 ://duplicates-gone.com/ remove duplicate songs in itunes]
 - Operation of the activities area from 12.00 to 2.00 and 6.00 to 10.00 pm
 (Basic Duties include organization of ping pong and board game
 tournaments, DVD projections, operation of the snack bar, organization of
 special dinner parties ...)
 - Helping organize events and recreational activities for the neighborhood
 in coordination with outside partners, eg music festivals, block parties
 and fairs voluntary association (Staffing information booths,
 entertainment organizing, organizing special events, ...)
 - Operation of a multimedia area for residents FJT, With activities: such
 as beginner's workshop, updating of a web site, write-up CV and printout
 services, ...
 - Helping supervise evening and weekend recreational activities
 (Organization of bowling nights, film and theater evenings, painting,
 cool, music and other hobby workshops, organization and supervision of
 outings, eg boating, skiing and day trips ...)
 - Helping FJT residents group set-up projects and recreational activities
 of a European nature,: such as information on the EVS program, helping
 set-up and organize EVS exchanges, participation in cross-cultural
 projects, ...
 - Organizing special activities in coordination with FJT staff on personal
 hygiene, International Women's Day, International AIDS Day and other
 - Participation in the development of the Platform Europe in La Rochelle
 through helping Accompanying the young people and who wish to take part in
 the European voluntary Service Programme, and at the same time through the
 creation of European exchanges.
 The list of activities is not exhaustive Given above.
 One goal is to FJT Promote cross-cultural interaction FJT Among youth and
 residents, who Represent a wide variety of geographic, socio-economic,
 educational backgrounds, in a convivial environment optimizes That
 socializing and cross-cultural contacts. The Presence of youths from other
 European countries country will enrich the content and diversity of
 interaction by Promoting mutual understanding Among youth.
 The volunteers will Participate in the animators' They will be meeting
 where able to share Their thoughts, develop activities and evaluate-Also
 Their implementation. In cases of difficulty, the tutors Remains at the
 volunteer's disposal for assistance.
 Specific support by the voluntary mentor THROUGHOUT the hosted service
 will permit the young person to think ahead and foresee the completion of
 the YOUTHPASS. The mid-term training will be an important element in the
 evaluation of the volunteer's project's course of development
 No specific linguistic or professional requirements. The organization
 seeks a person of 24 and under 30, willing to develop activities with
 young people between 16 and 30.
 entity seeking creative young people with organizational skills and
 teamwork. Of course we seek a highly motivated and availability for the
 entire duration of the SVE person.
 The EVS should begin in early October and have a duration of 12 months.
 Send your CV and motivational letter in English or French
 europe at horizon17habitatjeunes.org
 REMEMBER specify in your mail sending organization is Ingalicia since the
 project is already approved. Candidates who do not like entity ingalicia
 Ref shipment will not be accepted for evaluation.

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